Bridge Master Versus Bridge Amateurby: Mark Horton


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Author: by Mark Horton


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Bridge Master- Why aren’t you an expert bridge player? What makes a bridge expert, and why does he or she always come out on top compared to the average club player? No, it’s not the ability to execute esoteric squeezes and endplays — they simply don’t come up enough to account for the way the experts consistently win against weaker opposition. It’s much more basic than that. This book contains a collection of deals that illustrate the difference between the expert player and the would-be expert. These illustrate the kinds of decisions that will come up in every club game, situations in bidding, play and defense where the amateur will often go wrong, but the expert never will. A study of the concepts in this book will take the reader a long way from amateur status towards actually becoming an expert player.

About the author – Bridge Master: Mark Horton

Mark Horton
Mark Horton (born 1950) is a British author, journalist and expert on bridge, as well as a former lawyer and chess champion. He has been the editor of Bridge Magazine since 1995. The magazine was founded in 1926 and is the world’s oldest bridge magazine, and it is now distributed through Chess & Bridge in the UK. He currently lives in Bath with his wife Liz.

چرا شما یک بازیکن پل متخصص نیستید؟ چه چیزی با عث می شود یک نفر یک متخصص پل شود، و چرا او همیشه نسبت به سایر بازیکنان متوسط باشگاه بالاتر است؟ نکته این است که سایر افراد ضعیف ظاهر نمی شوند تا شما رنده شوید.. این کتاب شامل مجموعه ای از معاملات است که تفاوت بین بازیکن متخصص و کارشناس را نشان می دهد. در آنها نوع تصمیم گیری است که در هر بازی اتخاذ می شود، و تفاوت بین یک بازیکن آماتور و متخصص را عیان می کند.

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