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Atlas of EEG Patterns 2013

خواهشمندیم اگر از گلوبایت رضایت دارید به دوستان خود هم معرفی کنید 😊👇
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Atlas of EEG Patterns 2013
Atlas of EEG Patterns 2013

Title: Atlas of EEG Patterns 2013
Author(s):John M. Stern MD
Publisher: LWW; Second edition
Year: 2013
Edition: ۲
Language: English
Pages: ۴۲۰
ISBN-10: 1451109636

ISBN-13: 978-1451109634
Size: 23 MB

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Atlas of EEG Patterns, Second Edition

The electroencephalogram (EEG) is essential to the accurate diagnosis of many neurologic disorders. The Second Edition ofAtlas of EEG Patterns sharpens readers’ interpretation skills with an even larger array of both normal and abnormal EEG pattern figures and text designed to optimize recognition of telltale findings. Trainees will benefit from hundreds of EEG figures, helping them spot abnormalities and identify the pattern name. Experienced neurologists will find the book excellent as a quick reference and when trying to distinguish a finding from similarly appearing patterns.

Organized by EEG pattern, the Atlas orients you to the basics of EEG, helps the reader identify the characteristic EEG wave features and leads you to the EEG diagnosis through a table that organizes all of the EEG patterns according to their wave features. The Atlas includes the full range of EEG patterns from the common rhythms to the rare findings, and it also includes numerous examples of artifacts.

NEW in the Second Edition…
• Solution Site with full text and image bank.
• An extensive table guides you from EEG wave features to a list of EEG patterns that have the features, then to detailed descriptions and examples of each pattern.
• Over 150 new EEG figures from an established EEG laboratory sharpen your interpretation skills using real-world examples.

خواهشمندیم اگر از گلوبایت رضایت دارید به دوستان خود هم معرفی کنید 😊👇
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